What you should expect to find on this website:

This website is a compliation of most of the projects the editor made for her Basic Web Design course. Some of the projects she recommends you check out first are the Math Flashcards page, the Succulent Propogation page, and the Pool Color Scheme page. Enjoy the site!

math swirl

Animated Math Flashcards

Math flashcards to practice your basic addition/multiplication/division skills. BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER!!

succulent growing tray

Succulent Propogation

Propogate succulents yourself, and discover the joys of gardening. Through propogation, you can make infinite replications of a single plant. Yes, it takes time, but succulents make great gifts. Just make sure to start them at least 5 months before you plan to gift them.

pear with bowtie

Bio Page

Read member bios, and see a picture of each fictional 'Fruities' character. Note:only the link back to the homepage is a valid link. BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER!!

html5 logo

Embedding Videos in HTML

A step-by-step tutrial on how to embed videos into your HTML project. This is useful for embedding YouTube videos into a webpage, but it works for most video types with sight modifications.BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER!!

goldfish in tank

Fishtank Images Comp.

A compilation of smaller fish tank images form a large one. Did you know that watching fish swim is proven to be a stress-reliever? Maybe a picture of fish will work the same way. BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER!!

beach with palm tree

Beachfront Cafe Menu

The complete menu for Beachfront Cafe. Note: As far as the editors know, the Beachfront Cafe is not a real restaurant. However, if there was an actual restaurant with this menu, we would totally go there.

bubbles under surface of water

Pool Color Scheme

Color scheme for a competitive pool, formatted for HTML usage. Includes two shades of blue, and a lane-line-marker red color.

math quiz in box

Math Quiz

A very basic, easy math quiz. Good for grades 5+. Results are NOT checked/graded. BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER!!


New Swim And Pool Store

Read about Iyla V. Toswym's new pool and swim store, in downtown Irwin. Note: This is not a real piece of news. If you couldn't tell by Iyla's name, this is a fake article. Any similarities to real people, alive or dead, is completely coincidental.

puppy and cat

Pros and Cons of Common Pets

Can't decide what pet to get? Let us help you choose! Variables like shedding, excercise needs and costs will help you decide whether to get a dog, cat or fish. Keep in mind that the values given are for the average example of that pet. BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER!!